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Deveaux Inspired By: The Rain

by Gunner Park Posted on August 05, '19

Agnes Martin has been known to suffer from debilitating periods of psychosis. Her schizophrenia seems to contradict the clean stability of her art. It’s through this perplexing world where control and escape are one-in-the-same that Agnes’ paintings exist within very intense limits. 

Martin eschews painting as a medium, except when considering it a foundation to the rest of her work. Her signature format: a six by six foot painted canvas seeks to challenge the gestural vocabulary of abstract expressionism and the repetitive nature of minimalism. Thinned paint travels down imperfect hand-drawn lines, showing signs of slippage over the border of what is a sign of breath and freedom for Martin’s work.

Towards the end of her life, Martin began to re-include shapes in her work. Her last painting, The Rain (1960) consisted of five horizontal bands. Three grey bands pass over the drawn lines, segmenting them from the off-white foundation. The darker pant runs unevenly across the canvas as if there were rain falling off of a windshield. This air of urgency coupled with emphatic directness perfectly demonstrates the antithetical nature of Martin’s work.

Deveaux on the Street No. 1

by Gunner Park Posted on July 30, '19

Deveaux on the Street is a monthly series where we highlight our favorite customer looks. An effort to engage with our community, we hope this series will showcase the myriad of ways our garments can be worn and styled. Deveaux on the Street is also a nod to Tommy Ton's tenure as a street style photographer as we hope to capture the zeitgeist by examining how our collection elevates and compliments one's existing wardrobe.


@teovandenbroeke wears the Navy Architect Pant. Purchase it here.


@maryaan.elizabeth_ wears the Ivory Draped Back Dress. Purchase it here.


@shotfromthestreet wears the White Linen Roden Shirt. Purchase it here.


@chrisburtallan wears the Pink Plaid Resort Shirt. Purchase it here.


@clowverk wears the Blue Painted Stripe Resort Shirt. Purchase it here.



Behind the Collection: Fashion's Collective Consciousness

by Gunner Park Posted on June 10, '19
"The widening of fashion’s collective consciousness has been slow, but progress is being made. The runways may not yet reflect the world as it is, with its diversity of color, age, and size, but they’re more representative than at any time in the past. [Tommy] Ton’s street style photos and those of others like him have played their part in fashion’s awakening, alongside the rise of Instagram, the presence of female designers in top jobs, and the consciousness-raising of #MeToo and Time’s Up. He has an eye for “real women” with real style, not influencers in head-to-toe runway looks, and his taste runs to the minimal, though it’s not strict." - Nicole Phelps for Vogue Runway

At Deveaux, we aim to create clothing that is grounded in reality. Regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or background, our mission is to offer timeless, utilitarian basics that eschew any popular trend. Through Tommy Ton's keen eye for street style, we seek to create a modern uniform that transcends fashion's vast landscape. Our pieces are grounded in versatility and practicality. Deveaux champions the democratization of fashion and the inclusion of everybody involved.

For our Resort 2020 collection, we continue in this mission. Effortless, modest silhouettes constitute a bulk of the collection. A two-in-one nylon trench coat features removable sleeves that transform the coat into a vest while a pantsuit cut from Japanese raw denim offers a new take on Western tailoring. Our goal isn't to influence one's personal style, but to complement it by offering unique garments that can be endlessly re-styled.

Check out the rest of the Resort 2020 collection here.

Unraveling the Seam: The Yellow Coated Plaid Trapeze Shirt

by Gunner Park Posted on June 10, '19

Inspired by his trip to the Faroe Islands, creative Director Tommy Ton found resonance with the local fishermen’s utilitarian style of dress. Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s introduces the next iteration of the “daily uniform” in accordance with Ton’s keen eye for defined style. With shirting being a crucial part of Deveaux’s offering, Spring/Summer 2019 seeks to redefine the category with a range of inventive cuts and fabrics.

As a nod to the synthetic raincoats often associated with Fishermen, the Yellow Coated Plaid Trapeze Shirt reimagines the classic wardrobe staple in a brand new context. The garment feature an 80/20 cotton and polyurethane blend, a special coating protects the base of the fabric from corrosion, weathering, and abrasion. Ton credits Miuccia Prada as an influence, quoting her famous line about working with materials that disgust you. 

The silhouette of the shirt is inspired by a Trapeze top—a women’s cut which is fitted at the bust and gradually flares out into an A-line shape toward the hemline. In keeping with Deveaux’s engendered design approach, this garment reimagines a classic women’s silhouette as a men’s wardrobe staple.

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